by Matthew Cipolla | 8:50 am

Big data is the new buzzword all over. This big data refers to huge volumes of data which are used for analytics, decision making and finding out trends. Here are some ways in which big data will probably move and the trends that are taking over in the field of Big data.

Hadoop: This definitely is synonymous with Big Data, but at the same time this is difficult to master. The resultant effect is that in spite or maybe due to Hadoop, some big projects did not do well in the past. However, now this is performing well both on the streaming side as well as the batch processing side and so this is much better and usable as well as clearer to the users.

The Cloud: There are various analytics as well as data intelligence that can be done in the cloud. This provides a solution that is cheaper and also it is used for small businesses who otherwise would not have been able to handle such big data projects. These solutions on the cloud are not only scalable but economical as well so based on the volume these can be scaled up or down with ease.

A data lake can be created for storing data in the native format and using it when you need to, in the way you need to. This acts as a repository for the data, and you can gather a lot of intelligence from this later on.

Predictive Analytics: This is used to determine the future behavior of customers. This is used for not only financial planning, business intelligence but also operational intelligence as well.

The Internet of Anything gets data from various sources such as sensors, geolocation, server logs, mobile services, so on and so forth.

These are just some trends in big data.


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