by Matthew Cipolla | 8:59 am

The reliance that we have on fossil fuel will need to be reduced as this is fast depleting and so there are various alternative more efficient sources of fuel being developed.

Solar roof tiles are amazing ways of saving on utility bills and these look like typical roof tiling. They come in different shapes and colors too and are used for generation of electricity. These also have better insulation and last longer and cost lesser than the conventional roofs.

The smartflower provides enough electricity to power a home which is well insulated and well designed. This is not only portable but it protects itself in storms, and it cleans itself. This provides electricity to undeveloped areas.

There are living buildings which work as alternatives to solar panel roofs. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, and the walls, as well as the roof gardens, have a huge amount of benefits. These absorb carbon dioxide, heat as well as rainwater. These are also good for insulation as well.
There is vertical farming which is not only environmentally friendly but also decreases the use of fuel as there is no need for tractors and this also decreases the water usage and also pesticides too.


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