by Matthew Cipolla | 8:53 am

There are various things that will revolutionize the world as we know it. Some of them are:
NASA Drones: NASA drones will work inside space stations and will have cameras which will maneuver their way inside the space station.

Trains will be able to hurtle at the speed of jet airlines. It is said that the passengers will be able to travel at even 760 mph using vacuum tubes which will be propelled by induction motors and compressed air.

The coffee industry generates over 200,000 tons of waste, and therefore, bio-bean is working on a technology where 85% of this waste can be turned into biofuel for heating of buildings as well as for powering of transport.

Forest fires would be detected by drones, and that would direct loud noises. As noise consists of pressure waves, this will be used to disrupt the air which is around the fire and therefore the oxygen supply will be cut off and the fire would die out.

Artificial intelligence is used for solving various complex scenarios which are unable to be solved by humans. The way this works is that the AI works on these abstract theories independently.
Space balloons will likely be used to send tourists to the stratosphere where they can see the curvature of the earth.

Alcohol levels will be monitored by scanning the blood which is on the finger tips which are on the steering wheel and incase the levels are too high, the wheels will be immobilized.

There is permission being awaited by Elon Musk who wants to send 4000 satellites to the Earth’s orbit so that high-speed wireless signals can be beamed to everyone. This is something which Richard Branson also is interested in doing.

Robots will have personalities and the owners can choose one which matches their needs or which is modeled on a fictional character or real person.


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